Photo update

I took my extensions out and am taking a break from my twists. Currently a curly short haired Sophia.


My sister turned 27 this weekend. She celebrated it with friends, but my mom
and I gave her a little celebration too!


Saw a really beautiful Chevy belair this weekend. I’m not big on cars, but this was just beautiful! The color, the design…loved it!



Did some knitting


And finished the last two books in The Hunger Games trilogy. I couldn’t put those books down. They were really good and it ended with me in tears on the last page. Tears of joy because I was so happy with the ending. Ya, I’m lame. 😉

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  1. Oh boy I wanna read The Hunger Games trilogy, before the movie comes out. Adam thinks its a pretty sick and disgusting plot but I’ve heard wonderful things about them. Once I get a job, I can start knocking books off my Amazon list. That car is beautiful, I love that color. I’m not a car person but I’m a color person xx

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