This past week I:

*dinged 77 in WoW! Know what that means? Closer to 80(worst leveler ever!) and I can now use my flying mount in the new kingdom. Makes questing so much easier. Also! I respecced! No longer am I healing you and saving you from death. I am now in your groups, melting faces! For a limited time only! Returning to my holy past at level 80.

*Took down my braids and got my hair done. Like it?

*got a postcard (see above!) from Barron!

*went ice skating in Lelystaad

*Had a fun evening out  at Belushi’s with Emily and Kate.

*Ate a million gummy bears

*Had Dutch pancakes with Arjan

*Danced my butt off @ Fake Blood, and  Buraka with Kate at Paradiso

*worked a lot

*Wished I could play Left 4 Dead on my mac

*and I don’t think I want to run bootcamp

*and of course, discovered this gem!

Gosh! I can’t stop laughing!

0 thoughts on “bullets

  1. I feel free to answer only this one point:

    *Took down my braids and got my hair done. Like it?

    -yes I do. I love it 😀

    I might have some good news for you soon…. (keepin my fingers crossed)

    ps. pretty good dancer ;)) I picked few figures for myself ;DD can’t wait ’til I can show off on a disco ;P

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