Purple Berry


We had a rare under 90 degree day in Memphis so I spent the day in one of my favorite vintage dresses usually reserved for fall. I usually stay as far away from my polyester vintage as possible during the summer, but this one is so breathable and so darn cute, I pulled it out.


So many things about this dress make it my favorite. The color, the accordion skirt, the button up top, and hello!! I could match it to one of my pairs of spectacles! I purchased it from one of my favorite Instagram shops, Shop Maeberry! Instagram shopping will be the end of me! It has replaced Etsy for my go to vintage shopping.


2 thoughts on “Purple Berry

  1. I was just in Memphis this weekend and was grateful that it had rained a bit and things were not as blazing hot as previous trips. This is a good purple and so cute on you!

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