-I thrifted a handful of 1960 vintage doll patterns. I planned on using them for crafting, but I can’t bear to cut them up. They’re so neat! I’ll figure out something. Any ideas?


They DID add another Firefly actress to the Dallas Comic Con line up. Summer Glau! Now, I shall wait patiently for them to announce Gina Torres.

-I’m super in love with this Pastel Pink Heart Shaped necklace from ladybirdlikes on Etsy.

Honey Maid’s response to the Anti-Gay backlash they received made my heart happy. 🙂

DreamWorks animator’s son stars in mini movies. 

A happy customer in a tee she bought from Hearts and Hearts! 

Panorama fail turned into this hilarious/weird CATerpillar thing that kind of creeps me out.

 Have a good weekend!!! ^_^

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  1. Maybe you could photocopy them and then cut them out? I think that’s what I would do unless the package was really ruined. Or frame them like Teagan said! I loved Honeymaid’s response too. Love conquers hate always!

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